IGNOU BAECH 1st Semester Study Guide Book Set

If you are looking for IGNOU Guide books containing All 1st Semester subjects for Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Economics (BAECH) you have come to the right place. Click on the image or the button below to get highly rated guide books from Gyaniversity Publications. These books will help you pass your exams easily as they contain predicted questions based on previous year question papers. You can buy it in hard copy or soft copy format.

IGNOU BAECH 1st Semester Study Guide Book Set

BAECH 1st Semester Study Guide Book Combo

BAECH 1st Semester Study Guides Combo contains books with the following subject codes: BECC-101, BECC-102, BEVAE-181, BPYG-171 BSOG-171 BPCG-171 BPAG-171 BEGG-171 BABG-171. IGNOU Help Center recommends guide books from Gyaniversity Publications because they follow IGNOU's standards and contain the most important questions of your syllabus to help you pass with ease.

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We DO NOT recommend books from Gullybaba, Neeraj Publications or Shri Chakradhar Publications as our research has identified their books as "unverified" and their books contain the same copy pasted material as the IGNOU Study Material which is of no benefit to students as they already have IGNOU study material. Their books are only recommended if you do not have IGNOU Study Material.

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BAECH 1st Semester

Solved Assignment

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BAECH 1st Semester

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BAECH 1st Semester

Study Material

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BAECH 1st Semester

Project & Synopsis

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BAECH 1st Semester

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BAECH 1st Semester

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