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IGNOU MPAP-002 Project Work for Master of Arts (Public Administration)

If you are looking for information on MPAP-002 Project Work you have come to the right place. Click on the image or the button below to get ready-made projects for MPAP-002. Continue to read additional details on this page if you want to learn things like how to make this project on your own, how to get project supervisor details, how to choose a topic for your project and how to submit the project and synopsis to IGNOU for examination. 

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MPAP-002: Project Work

Editable Project Report and Synopsis in Microsoft Word Format

IGNOU Help Center recommends projects from Gyaniversity Publications as all their projects are verified by academic experts and teachers. The projects come in completely editable format without any watermarks or restrictions so that you can use their hard work and research as a starting point and make the needed changes to customise your project in order to get the best marks. If you are short on time you can also submit their projects as it is. 

How to Make and Submit MPAP-002 Project on your own

Easy five-step process to make and submit your project

Step 1: Download and Read the Project Guidelines / Manual

Every project has its own guidelines, format and schedule. Before attempting to make your project, It is important to read the project manual that is sent to you as part of your study materials. If you did not receive it, you can also download it in PDF from IGNOU official website. If the button below does not bring up your project manual, try searching eGyankosh with your subject or programme name followed by "project"

Step 2: Get the details of your Project Supervisor

You can get the details of your project supervisor by contacting the coordinator of your study centre. Every project must be undertaken under the supervision of the project supervisor. It is only after you get the approval of your supervisor can you submit your project to IGNOU for examination.

Step 3: Create and Submit your Synopsis / Project Proposal

A synopsis is a brief summary of your project that you intend to make. It is essentially a description of what you propose to do and how you intend to go about it. Usually, it should be 1000 words in length (approx 10-14 pages). It should be developed and approved in consultation with the project supervisor. The synopsis should include details like: The title, the rationale behind the proposed topic, objectives of the study, review to relevant literature, outline of the research plan and methods used to complete the study. It may also include a chapter outline and preliminary bibliography. Once the synopsis / proposal is prepared, it must be approved by your supervisor. Once it is approved, you must send a copy of your synopsis to IGNOU in Delhi. The exact address and details can be found in your project guide / manual.

In order to give you an easy starting point, you might want to consider downloading our pre-approved synopsis / project proposal template in editable Microsoft Word Format. This makes your life very easy as it already follows international standards of editing, formatting, styles and the recommended titles and easy to understand prompts to make your synopsis.

Step 4: Create your Project / Dissertation Report

While you wait for a letter of approval from IGNOU, you can already begin making your project. Sometimes it may take over a month to hear back from IGNOU. In the worst case, if you do not hear back after repeated attempts, you can try to submit  your project directly along with the synopsis again.


Once your synopsis is approved, you can now begin working on your project. The project report is usually 10,000 - 15,000 words in length. (approx. 80-100 pages). It should have a cover page, various annexure formats, table of contents, acknowledgement and the main sections. It must also contain a bibliography at the end. The deadlines to submit are usually 31st May for June Exams and 30th November for December Exams. 

In order to give you an easy starting point, you might want to consider downloading our pre-approved project report template in editable Microsoft Word Format. This makes your life very easy as it already follows international standards of editing, formatting, styles and the recommended titles and easy to understand prompts as well as instructions to make your project report in a very structured manner to get the best marks.

Step 5: Submit your Project / Dissertation Report

Once your project report is ready and approved by your supervisor, make sure it has his or her signature on it. You can make and submit your projects in handwritten as well as printed (typed) format. We highly recommend students to make it using Microsoft Word as it appears more professional and it is easier for the teachers to evaluate. You must submit your final reports to:

Student Evaluation Division (SED),
Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU)
Maidan Garhi
New Delhi - 110 068

Disclaimer: The above information has been prepared in accordance with the regulations posted by IGNOU. These regulations may be updated from time to time. Hence, it is imperative to read the project guide / manual thoroughly and submit the project as per the latest rules and regulations mentioned in there. IGNOU Help Center will not be held liable for any discrepancies in the information posted above.

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