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BLIE-227: Document Processing Practice

BLIE-227: Document Processing Practice

IGNOU Solved Assignment Solution for 2022-23

If you are looking for BLIE-227 IGNOU Solved Assignment solution for the subject Document Processing Practice, you have come to the right place. BLIE-227 solution on this page applies to 2022-23 session students studying in BLIS courses of IGNOU.

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BLIE-227 Solved Assignment Solution by Gyaniversity

Assignment Solution

Assignment Code: BLIE-227/TMA/2022-23

Course Code: BLIE-227

Assignment Name: Document Processing Practice

Year: 2022-2023

Total Marks: 70


Part 1: Classification Practice: DDC 19th Edition




I. Furnish your answers in the space provided against each title in the tabular format suggested below.

II. Classify all the titles given below. Each question carries 7 marks (3 marks for the class number and 4 marks for the analysis).

III. The Class Numbers assigned should be as specific as possible and also provide the detail analysis of the construction of the class number.

IV. Copies of 19th edition of Dewey Decimal Classification are available for your use in the Study Centre. They are to be returned after use.




Part 2: Cataloguing Practice


I. Catalogue the titles as per AACR-2R and MARC 21. In the case of AACR- 2R all added entries are to be provided.

II. The answers are to be worked out on paper only, marking out 5" X 3" cards in the case of AACR- 2R and in the tabular format for MARC 21 as suggested below.

III. Each question carries 7 marks (4 marks for the AACR- 2R and 3 marks for the MARC entry).

IV. Copies of Sears List of Subject Headings are available to for your use in the Study Centre. They are to be returned after use.


Format for AACR-2R Cards:

Format for MARC 21:

Title 1:




Title 2:



Title 3:


Title 4:



Title 5:

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