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DCE-01: General Principles of Writing

DCE-01: General Principles of Writing

IGNOU Solved Assignment Solution for 2021-22

If you are looking for DCE-01 IGNOU Solved Assignment solution for the subject General Principles of Writing, you have come to the right place. DCE-01 solution on this page applies to 2021-22 session students studying in DCE courses of IGNOU.

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DCE-01 Solved Assignment Solution by Gyaniversity

Assignment Solution

Assignment Code: DCE-1/ TMA/1/2021-2022

Course Code: DCE-1

Assignment Name: Fundamentals of Writing

Year: 2021-2022

Verification Status: Verified by Professor

Marks: 100

Attempt ALL the questions

Q 1) Write a dialogue between a mother and daughter regarding the issue of domestic violence which the mother has been facing for years. While the mother does not have the courage to report it or walk out, the daughter urges her to stand up for herself and not tolerate this behaviour any longer. (20)

Ans) Dialogue writing between a mother and daughter regarding the issue of domestic violence:


Did you hear that?


Yes, I think the whole neighbourhood did.


I’m sorry sweetheart, I am not sure what I can do. He is just so short tempered.


I’ve told you mom, the more you keep quiet about this the more he is going to feel it is okay to treat you this way.


What can I do? He is my husband and I love him.


But does he love you? If he does, that is no way to treat a woman, let alone you own wife! I am so sick of him mom.


I know. I am too. I just don’t have the courage to tell him. What if he beats me up even more?


I told you to get help mom. You are not alone in this. We can talk to some organisations that help women facing domestic violence. We can do something. Please don’t think you have to go through this alone.


Thanks honey, I guess it is time to take a stand for myself. But what will the people say? It would be so embarrassing for me to face people talking behind my back or even pitying me.


Who cares about people mom? Do you think they are not talking behind your back right now?


I’m sure they are.


So whats the point of thinking like this? You have to do what is best for yourself. This has been happening for far too long.


What if he kicks me out of the house?


I’m sure he wont do that. He would not want others to know that he is a wife-beater.


But still, what if he does? Where will I go?


We will face that problem together if he arises. If he kicks you out, not only will he lose a wife, he will also lose his daughter. I am with you mom. Please don’t worry about a thing.


Thanks dear, you are my strength and all I live for.


Let us start by talking to Mr. Sawant. He has a lot of contacts in the human rights organisations and we can talk to some of these organisations to get an idea of what is the best way to deal with this.


Sure, I will call him soon. Thank you so much for talking to me. I feel much better. I am not going to take this anymore.


I’m so glad to hear that mom! I love you.


I love you too, honey.

Q 2) Using the diary-writing mode, write a brief account of a young boy who is bullied in school. Describe his experiences, his thoughts and what he plans to do about it. (20)


Friday, 1st January, 2022

10 p.m.

Dear Diary,

It happened again today. He came up to me and just started talking bad things and abusing me. Why does Rohit keep targeting me? What did I do to deserve this? I am so sick of it. I feel tired and helpless. He slapped me today. I was just walking down the street after school and going back home. He saw me walking and approached me when there was no one around. Ignored him and kept walking. He then stopped me and pulled me towards him then gave me a tight slap on my face. It hurt so much. I felt powerless and scared. I asked him what happened and all he bothered to say was, “I just felt like it”. If he wasn’t so huge I would have hit him back. But I am so scared that if I hit him he will hit me even more. That is why, I just left and kept walking.

My face was burning and it was red. As I was walking to the bus stop, I could see that people were staring at me because they could see his hand print on my face. I was so scared of what my parents would think that I stopped at the restroom and washed my face and made sure the redness had reduced before I went home.

The more I think about how he treats me, the way he treated me today, I feel like I should do something about it. Enough is enough. No one can treat me this way. He has hit me, abused me, taken my lunch, taken my belongings, wrote on my uniform and teased me in front of my classmates. I cannot take it anymore. I think I should talk to my parents about it. I am sure they are more experienced and can come up with a plan to help me.

But what if it becomes worse? I will have to change my school because if I don’t he will make my life miserable. What should I do diary? I am so confused. I wish there was an easy way out. I was I was superman and I could scare the living crap out of him. I guess I just have to trust my parents to help me and get me out of this situation. That’s what I am going to do. Thanks diary, it always helps to pour out my emotions to you.

See you tomorrow!


Q 3) Write an account in the third person omniscient narrator style of a person who was a witness to a gang war shootout. Write two opening paragraphs of a story based on this and also provide two possible endings for the story. (20)

Ans) Opening Paragraphs:

Rekha was going about her usual day, walking across the street to get on her bus. She was late for work. Suddenly, she heard a loud noise. At first she thought it was of an engine misfiring so she continued. But in a few seconds, it became clear what that noise was. There was a gang war shootout in her neighbourhood and she was right in the middle of it!

She quickly ran and hid behind a wall. Her heart was racing and she was panicking. She was in shock and was unable to move. The noise of the gun shots were getting more rapid and so was her heartbeat! People were calling out to her and asking her to run to them, but because she was in shock, she was not able to move a muscle. From a busy street with many people to an empty street with no one but the gangsters and her – she was trapped.

Ending 1:

With the gun fire increasing and the people coming towards her, she took a chance and ran across the street where she saw people hiding inside a locked room. As she ran, one of the gangsters looked towards her and he mistook her to be someone else. He began chasing after her. Meanwhile, when Rekha reached the hideout, she banged on the door but the people inside did not respond. They were too scared to open the door. She banged and banged and cried out for help but to no avail. She then saw the gangster approaching her and she took off to save her life. She ran towards a well nearby and not knowing what to do, she panicked and jumped. She forgot she could not swim. She struggled in the water and was beginning to drown. She went unconscious.

When her eyes opened, she saw the gangster standing over her – drenched and fully wet. She panicked and began to run away again. Before she could go, the gangster held on to her and asked her not to worry. He explained to her that he was an undercover agent and that when he saw her running he followed her to make sure she was safe.

Ending 2:

As the struggle increased, she saw people dying. There was blood everywhere. She was terrified. She took an opportunity and ran to the nearby building. She got in touch with the security guard who kindly opened the gate for her and took her in. She then called the cops and asked them to send a response team immediately. As scared as she was, she was relieved that it was over and she was safe.

As soon as she was thinking that a loud noise came striking down right next to her. Someone was banging on the gate! She was terrified and asked the security guard to respond. The security guard asked who was it and the person replied, “I need help. I’m shot. Please help me.” Hearing this, the security guard was about to open the gate when Rekha stopped him and told him there was nothing they could do to help that person if he was telling the truth. If he was lying, they could both be dead. Rekha replied to the man, “The cops and help is on the way. Please stay where you are and you will get help soon”. He started shouting and screaming and shooting at the gate. It was clear that he was not a victim but one of the gangsters himself. Rekha made the right decision! The cops came and apprehended the person and everyone went home safe. Rekha was commended by the officers for her shrewdness.

Q 4) Write a monologue of a young woman who is pondering over whether or not to leave the safety of her home and migrate to a big city to join a prestigious acting school where she has obtained admission. Bring out the doubts in her mind as well as the hopes and dreams that she has for her future. (20)

Ans) I finally got in! Princeston is a dream come true for me. I can finally get the best education. I have to accept and complete the formalities by tomorrow. Oh boy, that’s so soon. I also feel scared. Princeston is frequented by rich big-city boys and girls. Here I am – a small town girl with no travel experience. Will I fit in? Will I be okay? What will people think of me? Will be clothes be too old fashioned? Will I talk differently? Will the people be nice to me? Ahh, as usual – I overthink. What can I do but overthink? What have I done to accomplish this? Just my academics. Apart from that – I have no real life experience and acting is all about talent and using your real life experiences to play a character properly.

What should I do? Why am I overthinking this so much? Joining and accepting the admission is the only logical thing for me to do. I guess I am scared. Scared that I will not be good enough. Scared that I will not be liked. Scared that people will look down on me. Scared that I will not be appreciated. But if I am going to become a superstar and achieve my life long dream of working in Hollywood, I have to overcome these fears. So many famous actors have studied in Princeston. It has been a life changing college for them. I am going to be one of them!!

Yes, the decision is made. I have to leave my home and go to Princeston. I have to take on new challenges. I have to do more, sacrifice more, experience more in order to achieve my hopes and dreams!

Q 5) Write a passage of 100-200 words that has grammatical and editing errors. Show corrections and then write the corrected version. (20)

Ans) Following are the incorrected and corrected passages showing grammatical and editing errors.

Incorrect Passage:

My first visit to Singapore was a visit to remember. I go there with my friends Eddy to attend youth conference. We arrived lately to Harbourfront because we did not got an earlier fly. Upon arriving we are very confusing and nervous because there were no one to picks us up. Later we obtain some instructions of how could we get to Expo where the conference were being holded. We was asked to take the MRT, but the problem was that it was the first time we go to Singapore and we didn’t really knew what to expect. We walked out of Harbourfront like two silly guy with suitcase. We have no idea where could we find the MRT station. Luckily, I saw Indian security guard and ask them where could we find the nearest MRT. I am quite shock because he spoke very fastly. I hardly catch a single word. Honestly, I do not really understand what did he say, in fact, I just looked to his gestures when he pointed the way we need to go. We finally manage to find the MRT station after ask some more peoples, but the adventure had not finish yet. When they entered the station, they didn’t know what to do. The station were very crowded. After observing what people do, we began to understand the way it works. First we went to the ticket machine, insert some money and get two one-way tickets.

Corrected Passage:

My first visit to Singapore was a visit to remember. I went there with my friend Eddy to attend a youth conference. We arrived late to Harbourfront because we did not get an earlier flight. Upon arriving we were very confused and nervous because there was no one to pick us up. Later we obtained some instructions of how we could get to Expo where the conference was being held. We were asked to take the Mass Rapid Transit (MRT), but the problem was that it was the first time we went to Singapore, and we didn’t really know what to expect. We walked out of Harbourfront like two silly guys with suitcases. We had no idea where we could find the MRT station. Luckily, I saw an Indian security guard and asked him where we could find the nearest MRT. I was quite shocked because he spoke very fast. I hardly caught a single word. Honestly, I didn’t really understand what he said, in fact, I just looked at his gestures when he pointed the way we needed to go. We finally managed to find the MRT station after asking some more people, but the adventure had not finished yet. When we entered the station, we didn’t know what to do. The station was very crowded. After observing what people did, we began to understand the way it worked. First, we went to the ticket machine, inserted some money and got two one-way tickets.

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