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MJM-029: Advertising and Public Relations

MJM-029: Advertising and Public Relations

IGNOU Solved Assignment Solution for 2022-23

If you are looking for MJM-029 IGNOU Solved Assignment solution for the subject Advertising and Public Relations, you have come to the right place. MJM-029 solution on this page applies to 2022-23 session students studying in MAJMC courses of IGNOU.

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MJM-029 Solved Assignment Solution by Gyaniversity

Assignment Solution

Assignment Code: MJM-029/Jul22/Jan23

Course Code: MJM-029

Assignment Name: Advertising and Public Relations

Year: 2022-2023

Verification Status: Verified by Professor


Maximum Marks: 100

Weightage: 30%

Note: Answer all the questions. All questions carry equal marks = 20 each


Attempt each question in about 500 words.


Q1. While promoting a social cause, how would you apply the core concepts of marketing? Discuss using the example of ‘Immunization drops for infants. In this case, what is the product, who is the customer and what strategies would you use to market the idea?

Ans) Applying the fundamentals of marketing may assist raise awareness and adoption of a social cause, such as promoting vaccination drops for new-borns. Creating, providing, trading, and conveying services that are valuable to consumers, clients, partners, and society at large is known as marketing. It entails comprehending and meeting client demands. A target market is a certain consumer base that a company wants to cater to. By breaking up a bigger market into smaller groups with comparable demands or traits, market segmentation is accomplished. As a result, businesses may specifically target certain client segments and cater to their individual demands.


The fundamental marketing ideas that may be used are as follows:

  1. Product: The new born vaccination drops that are used in this situation are meant to protect and prevent a variety of illnesses. The advantages of the product, such as avoiding disease and saving lives, should be made obvious.

  2. Target Audience: Parents and other people who look after new-borns are the target market for the vaccination drops. To create marketing tactics that appeal to individuals, it is critical to comprehend their requirements, worries, and motivations.

  3. Value proposition: The advantages of vaccination for the new-borns, such as increased health and prevention from life-threatening infections, should be the main focus of the value proposition.

  4. Communication: The value proposal should concentrate on the advantages of vaccination for the young children, such as better health and defence against fatal infections.

  5. Promotion: A variety of platforms should be used for promotion, including social media, print and broadcast media, local events, and collaborations with healthcare organisations. The objective is to urge as many parents and other caregivers as possible to vaccinate their new-borns.

For example, the following strategies can be used to promote immunization drops for infants:

  1. Social media campaign: To spread knowledge about the value of immunisation, specifics about various vaccines, and success stories of young children who have received immunizations, a social media campaign can be developed. To maximise interaction and reach, this campaign may include hashtags, influencer relationships, and targeted advertisements.

  2. Community events: To increase awareness and give people access to vaccination drops, community activities might be arranged. To provide parents and caregivers information and resources, these events can be hosted in collaboration with local businesses and healthcare professionals.

  3. Partnering with healthcare providers: A crucial partner in spreading vaccination drops might be a healthcare practitioner. They may address any queries or worries that parents may have, as well as offer information and advice on vaccination regimens.

  4. Incentives for immunization: A crucial partner in spreading vaccination drops might be a healthcare practitioner. They may address any queries or worries that parents may have, as well as offer information and advice on vaccination regimens.


Q2. Has there been a recent Corporate Crisis that you feel you would/could have handled better in terms of Public Relations and Management? Discuss it in detail. – what was the crisis situation, what did the company do, what strategy you would have designed and how would it have been better?

Ans) A corporate crisis is a serious occurrence or circumstance that jeopardises the standing, viability, or ongoing operations of a company or organisation. Natural catastrophes, defective products, unethical behaviour, financial fraud, data breaches, litigation, and other issues can all result in corporate crises.


Corporate crises can have serious effects on a business, such as harm to its reputation, clientele losses, monetary losses, and even insolvency. Therefore, in order to lessen the effects of a crisis and guarantee the continuation of their activities, companies must have a crisis management strategy in place. The Boeing 737 Max problem was one recent business disaster that received a lot of media attention. 346 people lost their lives in two catastrophic disasters involving Boeing 737 Max aeroplanes in 2018 and 2019. For Boeing, this situation had serious repercussions, including legal action, inquiries, and harm to company brand.


In its early response to the disaster, Boeing denied that the 737 Max had any underlying problems and blamed the crashes on the pilots. This remark received harsh criticism for being opaque and showing little consideration for the relatives of the victims. Boeing finally accepted the need for modifications to the 737 Max as the situation developed and collaborated with authorities to create and execute fixes.


I would have been more aggressive and open if I had been in charge of management and public relations at Boeing during the crisis.


The following are some of the tactics that may have been used:

  1. Immediate response: Immediately after the first crash, the company should have issued a public statement expressing condolences for the victims and acknowledging the gravity of the situation.

  2. Transparency: The company should have been transparent about the issues with the 737 Max and how it planned to address them. This includes regular updates to the public, stakeholders, and the media.

  3. Collaboration with regulators and industry experts: The corporation ought to have made a public statement shortly after the initial collision expressing sympathy for the victims and recognising the seriousness of the situation.

  4. Empathy: The corporation ought to have felt sorry for the victims and their families. This involves acknowledging the effect the crashes had on the families and offering help to them, such as financial compensation.

  5. Rebuilding trust: The corporation need to have taken steps to regain the confidence of the general public and stakeholders, such enhancing safety procedures and increasing transparency.


Q3. Here is a hypothetical situation: ‘Son of a famous film star is being launched in a new movie. A Press Conference has been called today on occasion of the Mahurat Shot’. Write a Press Release for the journalists attending the conference. What would you include in their Press Kit?

Ans) [Company Logo]


Press Release


For Immediate Release




Mahurat Shot for [Movie Name] Announced, Starring [Film Star Son's Name]


[City, State] - [Film Production Company Name] is pleased to announce the Mahurat shot for the upcoming movie [Movie Name], starring [Film Star Son's Name]. The press conference will be held on [Date] at [Time] at [Venue Name], [City, State].


[Movie Name] is a highly anticipated project and marks the debut of [Film Star Son's Name] in the film industry. The movie promises to be an exciting and entertaining experience for audiences.


The press conference will include a brief introduction of the film and its cast and crew, followed by an exclusive interview session with the director and key members of the cast. We invite journalists from various media outlets to attend and cover the event.


Press Kit

  1. Synopsis of the movie

  2. Information about the cast and crew

  3. High-resolution images of the film's lead actors and director

  4. Fact sheet about the film and its production

  5. Biographies of the lead actors and director

  6. Trailer of the movie (if available)

  7. For more information or to confirm your attendance, please contact [Media Contact Name] at [Media Contact Email] or [Media Contact Phone Number].

  8. About [Film Production Company Name]:

  9. [Insert brief information about the production company]


[Company Logo]


Note: This is a sample press release for the purpose of illustration only. The information provided in the press release should be tailored to the specific situation and audience.


Q4. Social Media influencers have become an integral part of any marketing strategy. Explain in detail, the ‘Influencer Marketing and its relevance in the current times.

Ans) Influencer marketing is a type of advertising where businesses work with people who have huge social media followings to promote their goods or services.


As a result of the widespread use of social media sites like Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok, a new category of celebrities known as social media influencers has emerged. These influencers have a devoted fan base of admirers who turn to them for guidance, amusement, and inspiration. By working together with influencers to produce content that advertises their goods or services, brands may take advantage of this following.


The following elements explain why influencer marketing is still relevant in the modern era:


Rise of social media: People's life now revolves entirely around social media. It has spawned a brand-new medium for entertainment and communication. Social media is where most people spend a lot of their time, and marketers can take advantage of this by working with influencers that have huge followings there.


Decline in traditional advertising: The effectiveness of traditional media for advertising, such as radio, print, and television, has decreased. The popularity of streaming services and the rise of ad-blockers have made it more challenging for marketers to connect with their target audience through conventional advertising methods.


Personalized marketing: Today's consumers want tailored marketing interactions. They seek out companies that can relate to their wants and tastes. By working with influencers that have a devoted fan base of individuals who trust their recommendations, companies can use influencer marketing to develop tailored marketing experiences.


Cost-effective: Influencer marketing may help companies connect with their target demographic at a reasonable price. In addition to producing greater results in terms of engagement and conversions, working with influencers may be less expensive than using traditional advertising methods.


In conclusion, influencer marketing has emerged as a crucial component of modern marketing plans. Brands may take advantage of the popularity of social media influencers to develop individualised marketing campaigns and efficiently connect with their target market. To guarantee a fruitful partnership, organisations must pick the appropriate influencers who are in line with their principles and messaging.


Q5. A new shampoo is to be launched. Decide a Brand name for the shampoo. Prepare a strategic marketing plan for its launch, specifying the use of Advertising, Direct Marketing, Personal Selling and Public Relations.

Ans) Strategic Marketing Plan for Pure Lux Shampoo:



The advertising plan for Pure Lux Shampoo will put a significant emphasis on building brand recognition. In metropolitan and semi-urban regions, the ads will appear in magazines, newspapers, and on billboards. The shampoo's natural and organic components will be emphasised in the advertisements, along with its advantages, such as making hair smoother, shinier, and easier to maintain. Women between the ages of 18 and 45 who are interested in natural and organic goods are the target market for Pure Lux shampoo.


Direct Marketing

To reach out to potential customers and foster brand loyalty, direct marketing strategies will be employed. People who have purchased magazine subscriptions for health and beauty will receive direct mailers. Additionally, Pure Lux will give out free shampoo samples to clients who register on the website of the company. Customers who have already purchased the shampoo will also receive customised offers and discounts from the company.


Personal Selling

We'll employ direct marketing strategies to connect with potential consumers and foster brand loyalty. People who subscribe to wellness and beauty publications will receive direct mailers. Customers who register on the Pure Lux website will also receive free shampoo samples in the mail. Customers who have previously purchased the shampoo from the brand will also receive customised offers and discounts.


Public Relations

Public relations will be used by PureLux shampoo to build a favourable brand image. The company will approach bloggers and influencers in the beauty industry and offer them free samples of the shampoo. Bloggers will be urged to evaluate the shampoo and share their opinions on social media. The company will also host a launch party for the shampoo and invite media representatives, bloggers, and influencers to attend. In addition, PureLux will donate to nonprofit groups that support sustainability and healthy living and publicise these initiatives to build a positive brand image.


Budget allocation for marketing


Advertising: 40%

Direct Marketing: 20%

Personal Selling: 20%

Public Relations: 20%


In summary, the introduction of Pure Lux shampoo will be a thorough marketing campaign that will make use of a variety of marketing techniques in order to raise brand recognition, boost sales, and develop a favourable brand image. The company will be able to connect with its target demographic and develop a devoted following by utilising advertising, direct marketing, personal selling, and public relations strategies.

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