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BEGLA-136: English At The Work Place

BEGLA-136: English At The Work Place

IGNOU Solved Assignment Solution for 2022-23

If you are looking for BEGLA-136 IGNOU Solved Assignment solution for the subject English At The Work Place, you have come to the right place. BEGLA-136 solution on this page applies to 2022-23 session students studying in BAG, BCOMG, BAVTM, BAVMSME, BAFSM, BAGS courses of IGNOU.

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Assignment Solution

Assignment Code: BEGLA-136 / TMA / 2022-23

Course Code: BEGLA-136

Assignment Name: English at the Workplace

Year: 2022 – 2023

Verification Status: Verified by Professor


Answer all the given questions.




Q 1. Read the following passage and answer the questions below in complete sentences:

Although economic roles between men and women have become more similar over time, sex differences are still prevalent and tensions still exist in the workplace.

Organizations across countries are increasingly implementing non-discriminatory hiring practices where women are given opportunities equal to men. We do find that there are certain types of jobs such as those of police officers, fire fighters, truck drivers, etc., which are generally preferred by men, and there are other occupations like nursing, teaching, etc., which are preferred by women. These are personal preferences which may be dictated by nature or the way boys and girls are nurtured. However, it is the duty of organizations to give equal opportunities to people of both sexes, based only on a person’s credentials


Although the number of women in all types of work fields has been steadily rising, there is still a gap between women and men regarding compensation for producing similar work in many fields. Also since women are the primary care givers at home, the entire workforce needs to be sensitized to certain needs that may arise from time to time as a result of the dual role they are necessitated to play throughout life. Additionally, their vulnerability where personal security is concerned needs to be understood and taken care of.


1. What is your opinion about the kind of challenges women face at the workplace?

Ans) Some of the challenges women continue to face sex differences and tensions in the workplace till date. These are personal preferences which may be dictated by nature or the way boys and girls are nurtured. There is still a gap between women and men regarding compensation for producing similar work in many fields.


2. How do you think their organizations can help them in overcoming these challenges?

Ans) Organizations across countries are increasingly implementing non-discriminatory hiring practices where women are given opportunities equal to men. It is the duty of organizations to give equal opportunities to people of both sexes, based only on a person’s credentials. Additionally, the vulnerability of women where personal security is concerned needs to be understood and taken care of.

3. Give a suitable title to the passage.

Ans) Discrimination of women at workplace.


Q 2. Use the following words in sentences of your own: 2x5=10


Q2. 1. Prevalent

Ans) There are certain diseases more prevalent among children than adults.


Q2. 2. Discriminatory

Ans) To make discriminatory comments to a child can be detrimental in his upbringing.


Q2. 3. Credentials

Ans) This candidate has the perfect credentials for the job.


Q2. 4. Vulnerability

Ans) The greatest risk now is the patient's vulnerability to secondary infections.


Q2. 5. Compensation

Ans) His company provided him a compensation of Rs. 75,000/- on account of his accident during work.


Q 3. Rewrite the following sentences as directed: 1x5=5


Q3. 1. Sometimes in the________ (consultant, competitive) world today jobs are not advertised. (Use the correct word from those given in the brackets)

Ans) Sometimes in the competitive world today jobs are not advertised.


Q3. 2. A person who is always on time. (Give an appropriate adjective)

Ans) Punctual.


Q3. 3. The skill of ________ (read) and _________ (write) in English is essential for an office boy’s job here. (Complete the sentence using gerunds)

Ans) The skill of reading and writing in English is essential for an office boy’s job here.


Q3. 4. The __________ (type) letters are ready for dispatch (Complete the sentence using an appropriate participle)

Ans) The typed letters are ready for dispatch.

Q 4. Write short notes of about 150 words each on the following topics: 5x5=25


1. Body Language during an Interview

Ans) In addition to your resume, you'll be judged on the clothes you wear and how you act during the interview. Your body language gives people their first impression before you even speak. Body language can tell if you're insecure or confident. It shows if you're assertive or quiet. It shows if you're being honest. Body language can indicate stress. It shows you are enthusiastic and a nice person who takes work seriously but has a sense of humour.


Try to appear interested but relaxed during your job interview. Start the interview by sitting up with your back against the chair. Slouching may indicate that you're not interested in the job. Sitting on the chair's edge makes you look tense and uncomfortable. You can change your interview posture. When someone speaks, turn your shoulders, and lean forward slightly. This shows you're listening.


Your hands can be a distraction during a job interview. If we cross our arms, this can be interpreted as a defensive gesture during a job interview. Hands should be on lap or chair armrest. Body language can show interviewers that you're listening.


2. Organizing a Portfolio

Ans) Portfolios showcase our best work and experiences, so they must be clear, brief, and creative. Chronologically organising the work helps create a cohesive portfolio. There are many portfolios folder options, but 3-ring binders are great because we can add or remove pages as needed. If our portfolio is too long, hiring managers won't have time to read it all. If it's too short, they may think our work isn't impressive. It's crucial to present our best work first.


We should always add the Index Page before our best work. A good index helps employers quickly understand our project and jump into our portfolio at any point. After a well-organized index page, the first personal document in our portfolio should be our resume or curriculum vitae. Next, our portfolio may include certificates, commendations, and other credentials. Always put the most recent and relevant document first.


In the end, we must ensure that each document builds on the previous ones. A good portfolio should be viewed sequentially, not randomly, to help an employer see real progress and hard work overtime.


3. Etiquette

Ans) Etiquette is the code of politeness. Society or a professional group's Workplace Skills. Adhering to a behaviour code at work creates a positive, productive, and efficient work environment. In general, workplace etiquette is based on respect for others. Treating others kindly, politely, and with respect is one of the single most important aspects of any kind of etiquette, not just at work. Some examples of this include listening when other people are speaking without interrupting, not checking messages during a meeting, only contributing to a conversation or meeting if there is something worthwhile to add and recognizing when other people may need help and offering assistance.


Importance of Etiquette

However skilled you are professionally, if you do not create the impression of being well groomed, well-mannered, and polite, and someone who other office workers could easily get along with, your chances of getting a good job are reduced drastically. Furthermore, workplace etiquette helps you create and perpetuate a comfortable, warm, and friendly work relationship with your colleagues.


4. Gender Perceptions

Ans) It is important to be sensitized about other cultures and people especially the gender perceptions that may vary from one culture to another. Women in general face several challenges at the workplace, especially in the Indian context. In many places, women have to face verbal and behavioural discrimination from their male colleagues who make snide comments on their looks as well as manner of functioning. For instance, women are denied lead roles in projects that involve high risk-taking or travelling. Women are even subjected to sexual harassment with men asking for sexual favours from women who are ambitious and eager to move up the career ladder. Some women also face “gender pay gap” where they are offered lower salary than men though their designation or position is the same. Another significant problem that women face is that many of them are forced to quit their jobs or denied promotions when they are pregnant. Last but not the least, employees must be gender sensitized for better functioning and workplace congeniality.


5. Cultural Awareness in a Multicultural Workplace.

Ans) Cross-cultural awareness helps maximise work potential and maintain a comfortable workplace. Ask about a co-worker’s culture or mention it when appropriate. Their explanation will be clearer. If someone does something differently than you, avoid making assumptions. One of the first rules of cultural awareness is to avoid making absolute judgments.


Some common differences in people from different nationalities

In India, you traditionally greet someone with folded hands or by touching their feet, whereas in the west you shake hands. In Japan and Korea, greetings involve bowing. Koreans consider it rude to hand someone something with one hand. Both hands are needed. The French shake hands formally and air kiss informally. Middle Easterners lightly shoulder-hug each other. France prefers odd numbers of flowers, not 13. The French open gifts in front of the giver. In Britain, even close friends don't ask personal questions about careers or relationships, but in India, it's a sign of closeness to ask about friends' personal lives. In England, seniors are addressed formally, but in the US, first names are common. Some countries' organisations have more formal dress codes due to cultural differences.




Q 1. You are interested in applying for the position of relationship manager in a finance company. Write an application for this position, showing how you are suitable for this job. 15

Ans) Topic: Application for post of Relationship Manager.

                                                                                                    Deepak Goud

601 Plaza Drive Road,Bandra,



Praveen Kumar

Bajaj Alliance Finance

486 M. G. Road,

Bengaluru - 560020


Subject: Application for position of Relationship Manager


Dear Mr. Kumar,


I'm writing to express my enthusiasm for the Relationship Manager position you have available at Bajaj Alliance Finance. My enclosed resume and cover letter will provide you with more information about my qualifications.


As a Relationship Manager at Tata Consultancy Inc for the past five years, I have been responsible for collaborating with the Business Development team to connect, reach out, and solidify relationships with the community of business and personal groups to initiate and maintain a solid networking client list for immediate and future use. I have a professional education in Relationship Management from City College of Mumbai University, as well as a number of valuable skills and attributes that distinguish my candidacy. I am a hard worker with excellent interpersonal skills who never stops reaching out to potential customers and clients. I am a great team player who is also very enthusiastic about my job.


Today, I am writing to apply for the position of Relationship Manager at your company, as your reputation as a successful company precedes you, and I would like to be a part of your success. Thank you so much for reviewing my resume and this cover letter. I eagerly await your response and the possibility of scheduling an interview.


Yours Sincerely,


Deepak Goud.

Encl: Resume


Q 2. Prepare a short CV (Curriculum Vitae) clearly mentioning your career history, skills, achievements and other relevant details. 15




Shiv Kumar

Address:  Apt. 306, Rajeev Nagar,

Bohra Colony, Ghaziabad,

Uttar Pradesh 201208

Mobile No:  9431625709

Email id:


Career Objectives:

To attain excellence being part of an organization that encourages continuous learning & growth. Open to the challenging assignments in


Academic Qualification:

Passed B. Com from SOL University of Delhi.

Passed higher secondary education in Commerce stream from C.B.S.E Board in 2017.

Passed secondary education from C.B.S.E Board in 2015.

6 months computer training from ICS.

6 months Soft Skills and Basic Computer training from Bharat Institute.


Computer Skills:

Microsoft Word (Excel, Power Point, Word, etc.).

Tally ERP 9.

Internet uses etc.


Career History:

Internship in GlobalLogic (MNC) as Management Intern.

Duration: - From June 2019 to March 2021.

Address: - Tower - 3, Oxygen Business Park SEZ, Sector 144, Noida Expressway, Noida,

Uttar Pradesh – 201304.



Event Organize (Presentation, Event Teasers, all required arrangement, etc.)

Weekly social media post.

Business Events organized

PPT Presentation

Clint Handling


Personal Detail’s:

Name:  Shiv Kumar

Father’s Name:  Vignesh Kumar

Date of Birth:  30th August 1999

Languages:  English, Hindi

Gender:  Male

Status:  Unmarried

Current Location: Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh

Nationality:  Indian


Signature: (Shiv Kumar)

Date: 25th September 2022





Q 1. Write an outline of a presentation on the following topic: 10

“The Biggest Threat to the Environment of the Place you Live in”


Basic Outline of a Presentation on “The Biggest Threat to the Environment of the Place you Live in”




  1. Attention-getter – (How to arouse interest in the audience on the subject to be presented) -Environmental threats are the negative consequences of human activity on the physical environment. Our environment is constantly changing, and as it does, so does the need to become more aware of the environmental issues causing these changes. People must be much more cautious in how they live their lives considering the types of environmental issues we face locally.

  2. Establish credibility – (Explain why you are qualified to speak on the subject) - As an ecology professor, I'd like to highlight a few key points that are worth discussing. I am hopeful that this information will aid us in our goal of reducing all threats to our environment here.

  3. Thesis - (What is the focus of your presentation?) – The presentation's main goal is to overcome the most serious environmental threat that our country is currently facing.

  4. Body - (What will be your main points in this presentation?).


A. First main point

  1. Supporting ideas – The biggest threat to the environment globally

  2. Supporting sub- ideas – How this global threat affects the surrounding areas.


B. Second main point

1 Supporting ideas - Water scarcity is a severe environmental issue in our place and needs potentially sustainable methods to address the threat.

2. Supporting sub- ideas - Techniques to overcome the water crisis, such as wastewater reclamation methods, desalination, and conservation techniques.


C. Third main point

1. Supporting ideas - The toxic mixture of particles and gases are causing air pollution.

2, Supporting sub- ideas - The effect of toxic gases on humans, and plants in the surrounding.




A. Review your main points - This presentation focuses on three critical parameters: water, air, and climate, to raise public awareness. This presentation also emphasised methods for dealing with the water crisis, such as wastewater reclamation.


B. Provide closure - The study focuses on global climate change, another potential future concern that must be defined in our time for future generations due to increasing water pollution and toxic gases. Communities are already feeling the effects of climate change. We are doing everything we can to assist vulnerable communities in dealing with these challenges.


Q 2. You are planning to appear for an interview for the position of a Project Head in a reputed institution. Write out ten questions you expect to be asked and your responses/answers to these questions. 10

Ans) Questions and Answers in an Interview for position of Project Head.


1. What skills do you have that make you a good Project Head?

Ans) My greatest skills as a project head are my communication and organizational skills. As I typically work with a large team, having good communication skills is important to ensure we complete every project smoothly. My organizational skills help me multi-task to meet strict deadlines. They also help me keep track of every aspect of each project.


2. What is your process for setting project goals?

Ans) When setting new project goals, I always use SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound). Too broad a goal is hard to reach. If you can't measure it, you won't know when you've reached your goal. If it's too hard, people will quit. It's not important if it's not relevant to our industry or company goals. Lastly, without deadlines, it can go on forever.


3. Have you worked on a project that didn't meet the set deadline or budget?

Ans) The last project I worked on, the client wanted to add a new feature to a structure we had already begun building. It would push our deadline back by at least two weeks and increase our budget by Rs. 50,000. I informed the client of these changes, and they were happy to accept them, so we proceeded.


4. Do you think building a relationship with your project sponsor is important?

Ans) I believe it is critical to establish a professional relationship. They have put a lot of effort into the project and deserve to know what's going on. I try to keep my sponsor up to date as much as possible by maintaining an open line of communication with them. I usually schedule weekly meetings to go over any updates and address any concerns they might have.


5. What do you consider your most successful project?

Ans) I was the Project Manager for a new community hospital that we were constructing. I had to make numerous changes to our timeline and budget, but everything went off without a hitch. We finished the hospital ahead of schedule and under budget, so the client was very pleased. Being able to stay under budget on such a large project makes it the most successful in my opinion.


6. If someone on your team was underperforming, what would you do?

Ans) If I noticed a team member was underperforming, I would meet with them to discuss the situation. I'd talk to them about their work and find out why they believe they're underperforming. If they have a problem, such as a lack of training, I would collaborate with them to find a solution. I'd then keep an eye on their performance for a few weeks to make sure our solution was working.


7. How do you handle conflict between team members?

Ans) If one of my team members is having a disagreement, I encourage them to resolve it on their own before I step in. This allows them to improve their communication skills and strengthen their relationships. If the conflict becomes physical, or if my team members are unable to resolve it on their own, I will step in and serve as a mediator.


8. How has your educational background or experience prepared you for this role?

Ans) At the University of Mumbai, I completed a three-year project management programme. This provided me with the fundamentals of project management. I then spent a year and a half at North-eastern University, where I earned a master's degree in project management. I believe that my education helped to prepare me for the job by providing me with the necessary knowledge.


9. What types of projects have you worked on?

Ans) I have five years of experience in IT project management and have worked on a wide range of project types. I have primarily worked on waterfall and agile projects, but I have also worked on scrum and lean projects. Because I enjoy learning, I would be happy to work with any project methodology you prefer.


10. What is the biggest mistake you've made on a project? What did you learn from it?

Ans) Unrealistic timeline and budget were my biggest project mistakes. I wanted to meet the client's budget and deadline. We overshot the deadline despite overworking my team. I learned to set realistic timelines and budgets with clients.

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