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FEG-02: Foundation course in English -2

FEG-02: Foundation course in English -2

IGNOU Solved Assignment Solution for 2023-24

If you are looking for FEG-02 IGNOU Solved Assignment solution for the subject Foundation course in English -2, you have come to the right place. FEG-02 solution on this page applies to 2023-24 session students studying in BCA, BTS, BDP, BCOMAF courses of IGNOU.

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FEG-02 Solved Assignment Solution by Gyaniversity

Assignment Solution

Assignment Code: FEG-02/TMA/2023-24

Course Code: FEG-02

Assignment Name: Foundation Course in English-2

Year: 2023-24

Verification Status: Verified by Professor

Q1) Read the following passage and make notes in an appropriate format:


One day a wonderful plate made of gold fell from Heaven into the court of a temple at Benares; and on the plate these words were inscribed; "A gift from Heaven to him who loves best." The priests at once made a proclamation that every day at twelve o'clock, all who would like to claim the plate should assemble at the temple, to have their kind deeds judged.


Every day for a whole year all kinds of holy men, hermits, scholars and nobles came, and related to the priests their deeds of charity, and the priests in solemn council heard their claims. At last they decided that the one who seemed to be the greatest lover of mankind was a rich man who had that very year given all his wealth to the poor. So they gave him the plate of gold, but when he took it in his hand, it turned to worthless, lead; though, when he dropped it in his amazement on to the floor, it became gold again.


For another year claimants came; and the priests awarded the prize three times. But the same thing happened, showing that Heaven did not consider these men worthy of the gift. Meanwhile a large number of beggars came and lay about the temple gate, hoping that the claimants who came would give them alms to prove they were worthy of the golden plate. It was a good time for the beggars, because the pilgrims gave them plenty of money; but they gave them no sympathy, nor even a look of pity.


At last a simple peasant, who had heard nothing about the plate of gold, came; and he was so touched by the sight of the miserable beggars, that he wept; and when, he saw a poor blind and maimed wretch at the temple gate, he knelt at his side and took his maimed hands in his and comforted him with kind words. When this peasant came to the temple, he was shocked to find it full of men boasting of their kind deeds and quarrelling with the priest. One priest, who held the golden plate in his hand, seeing the peasant standing there, beckoned to him; and the peasant came, and knowing nothing about the plate, took it in his hands. At once it shone out with three times its former splendour, and the priests said : "Son, the gift is yours : for you love best."

Ans) Notes:

a)     Gold plate falls from Heaven into Benares temple courtyard.

b)     Inscription: "A gift from Heaven to him who loves best."

c)     Daily assembly at temple, claimants share charitable deeds to win the plate.


First Year:

a)     Various claimants: holy men, scholars, nobles, share acts of charity.

b)     Rich man gives all wealth to the poor, declared greatest lover of mankind.

c)     Plate turns to worthless lead in his hands, transforms back on the floor.


Second Year:

a)     Multiple claimants awarded, yet plate turns to lead in their possession.

b)     Beggars gather at the temple, hoping for alms from claimants, receive money but no sympathy.


Peasant's Arrival:

a)     Unaware of the gold plate, moved by sight of miserable beggars, weeps.

b)     Comforts a blind and maimed beggar with kind words and gestures.

c)     Enters temple, finds claimants boasting of kindness, priests in dispute.

d)     Summoned by a priest, touches the gold plate unknowingly, it shines three times brighter.

e)     Priests Declare: "The gift is yours, for you love best."



a)     Theme: Genuine love and compassion triumph over boastful acts of charity.

b)     The peasant's spontaneous, selfless kindness makes him the true recipient of the heavenly gift, revealing the essence of love for humanity.


Q2) Write a summary of the passage and give it an appropriate title.

Ans) Title: The True Gift of Love



In the temple court at Benares, a miraculous plate of gold descended from Heaven with an inscription: "A gift from Heaven to him who loves best." The priests declared that claimants should present their kind deeds at noon daily to vie for the plate. For a year, various esteemed individuals shared their charitable acts, leading the priests to award the plate thrice. However, each time the recipient found the gold turning into worthless lead.


Simultaneously, a multitude of beggars lingered, hoping for alms from the claimants but received no empathy. Unexpectedly, a humble peasant, unaware of the gold plate, arrived and was moved by the pitiful beggars, offering genuine comfort to a blind and maimed individual. Unaware of the plate's significance, the peasant entered the temple, where chaos ensued among claimants.


Summoned by a priest holding the plate, the peasant touched it, causing it to shine with magnified brilliance. Astonished, the priests declared him the rightful recipient, acknowledging his genuine, selfless love and kindness towards others as the true embodiment of the gift's message – for he loved best.


The story unveils that genuine compassion and selfless acts of kindness, devoid of showmanship or expectation, hold the true essence of love and worthiness.


Q3) Write a paragraph of 100-150 words on any one of the following topics:

a) The role of media

Ans) The role of media in society is multifaceted, serving as both a mirror and a catalyst for change. Media acts as a bridge between events and the public, shaping opinions, disseminating information, and influencing perspectives. It serves as a watchdog, holding those in power accountable and uncovering truths that might otherwise remain hidden.


Media platforms facilitate discourse, allowing diverse voices to be heard, fostering democracy by informing the populace. However, it also bears the responsibility of ethical reporting, as sensationalism and bias can distort realities and perpetuate misinformation. In an era where information is instantaneous, the media wields immense power in shaping narratives and shaping public opinion, making its role pivotal in shaping societies worldwide.


Q4) You are the Secretary of the Students Union in your college. Write a report in 250 words of a meeting held to discuss the forthcoming Annual Cultural Function.


Date: [Insert Date]

Time: [Insert Time]

Location: [Insert Location]


The meeting, convened to strategize and organize the forthcoming Annual Cultural Function, was held with utmost enthusiasm and participation from various departments within the college. Chaired by the Student Union, the gathering aimed to outline a comprehensive plan for the successful execution of this prestigious event.


Several key points were deliberated upon during the meeting. The first agenda item involved establishing sub-committees responsible for different aspects of the event such as decorations, performances, logistics, and publicity. Each department volunteered members to ensure a well-coordinated and synchronized effort.


Furthermore, discussions revolved around potential themes and cultural activities to be showcased during the function. Ideas ranged from traditional dances, music performances, theatrical acts, to art exhibitions, ensuring a diverse and inclusive representation of the college's cultural heritage.


The meeting emphasized the need for effective publicity and outreach strategies to maximize participation and engagement. Social media campaigns, posters, and word-of-mouth were identified as primary channels to create buzz and draw attention to the event.


Additionally, fundraising initiatives were discussed to secure necessary funds for the function. Sponsorship proposals and ticket sales strategies were brainstormed to ensure financial viability.


The meeting concluded with a resolution to reconvene in smaller groups to further delineate specific responsibilities and action plans for each sub-committee. The collective effort and dedication exhibited in the meeting augur well for a memorable and successful Annual Cultural Function, showcasing the vibrant cultural diversity and talents within our college community.


Q5) Write a report in 250 words of an interview you had with Education Minister of India.


Date: [Insert Date]

Location: [Insert Location]


Interviewer: [Your Name]

Interviewee: Education Minister of India


I had the privilege of interviewing the esteemed Education Minister of India, delving into crucial facets of the nation's education system and its future trajectory. The conversation offered profound insights into the government's vision and strategies for shaping the educational landscape.


The discussion commenced with a focus on the recent reforms and initiatives undertaken by the ministry. The Education Minister highlighted the National Education Policy (NEP) as a transformative step towards holistic and inclusive education, emphasizing its emphasis on skill development, innovation, and a multidisciplinary approach.


We delved into challenges faced by the education sector, particularly considering the COVID-19 pandemic. The Minister elaborated on the ministry's efforts to bridge the digital divide, ensuring continuity in education through online platforms and the development of digital infrastructure in remote areas.


The conversation extended to the role of vocational education in the NEP and its significance in empowering youth for employment and entrepreneurship. The Minister emphasized the government's commitment to creating a robust ecosystem that aligns education with industry requirements.


Moreover, discussions encompassed plans for enhancing the quality of teaching, teacher training programs, and measures to attract and retain skilled educators.


The interview concluded with a forward-looking perspective, highlighting the Minister's aspirations for a future-ready education system that fosters critical thinking, creativity, and innovation.


The interaction was insightful, shedding light on the government's comprehensive approach to revamping education, underscoring the importance of inclusivity, accessibility, and adaptability in shaping India's educational landscape for generations to come.


Q6. Write a composition of 250-300 words based on any one of the pictures given below:

Ans) The image portrays the vibrant spectacle of a football match, a sport renowned for its ability to unite people through shared enthusiasm and fervour. The scene encapsulates the essence of spirited competition, where players engage in a captivating display of skill and strategy, drawing both excitement and anticipation from the crowd.


As the game commences, the players exhibit their prowess, manoeuvring the ball with agility and precision. The field transforms into a stage where dribbles, passes, and strategic shots towards the goal unfold seamlessly, each movement charged with an exhilarating intensity that captivates onlookers.


The players' unwavering determination and cohesive teamwork are unmistakable. They communicate seamlessly, coordinating their actions to advance strategically. Defenders valiantly guard their territory, while midfielders create pathways for forwards to attempt scoring opportunities. The goalkeepers, with their remarkable reflexes, execute breathtaking saves that evoke awe from the spectators.


The audience plays an integral role in this spectacle, infusing the atmosphere with unwavering support for their respective teams. Echoes of cheers, chants, and waving flags reverberate through the stadium, fostering an atmosphere of unity and shared passion. Their infectious fervour motivates players, propelling them to give their utmost on the field.


Beyond the sport itself, football matches serve as a nexus for cultural exchange and celebration. Individuals from diverse backgrounds converge, bound by their mutual love for the game. In this melting pot of emotions, strangers forge connections, sharing the thrill and disappointment inherent in every goal scored or missed.


Ultimately, the image encapsulates the dynamic essence of a football match, portraying the amalgamation of teamwork, intensity, and passion that renders this sport so enthralling. It highlights the unifying force of sports, transcending barriers and etching enduring memories for all who engage with it, be it as players or ardent spectators. Football, in its essence, ignites a collective spirit that leaves an indelible mark on those touched by its fervour.

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