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MJM-022: Writing and Editing for Print Media

MJM-022: Writing and Editing for Print Media

IGNOU Solved Assignment Solution for 2022-23

If you are looking for MJM-022 IGNOU Solved Assignment solution for the subject Writing and Editing for Print Media, you have come to the right place. MJM-022 solution on this page applies to 2022-23 session students studying in MAJMC, PGJMC, MAJEM courses of IGNOU.

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MJM-022 Solved Assignment Solution by Gyaniversity

Assignment Solution

Assignment Code: MJM-022/TMA/2022-23

Course Code: MJM-022

Assignment Name: Writing and Editing for Print Media

Year: 2022-2023

Verification Status: Verified by Professor


Maximum Marks: 100

Weightage: 30%

Note: Answer all the questions. All questions carry equal marks = 20 each


Attempt each question in about 500 words.


Q1. Select any two newspapers published in India. One should be a national daily and another one should be a regional one. Make sure that both come from two different languages. As per your learning from Units 12 and 13 (Page Layout & Principles of Page Design), analyse the chosen two newspapers' designs and write your critical interpretations. Take a screenshot of sample pages and use the mobile/computer markup tools to highlight your interpretations.

Ans) Readability is also influenced by typesetting, or the typefaces used in a newspaper and how they are employed. Every newspaper employs a specific type. These should be written in a way that they form a block shape. This is carried out to enhance symmetry.


Here, the layout differences between an English and a Hindi newspaper are the greatest. Because of the symmetry of the English alphabet, typesetting is simpler; nevertheless, typesetting for the Hindi script is far more challenging. This is thus because the Hindi alphabet contains letters called "matrayein" that cross over with alphabets above or below. These are called as ascenders and descenders in technical jargon. An English newspaper often uses text that is 8 points in size, but a Hindi newspaper uses text that is 10 points in size. The smaller Hindi font is to blame for this.


In the comparison shown in the following pages, text and headlines are grouped under the category "Text," while images, graphics, and advertisements are examined under the heading "Visuals." A specialist topic of study with a broad scope is newspaper design. A designer must take care of a number of different things. The project was unable to study and manufacture all of these components.



The most straightforward method of page organising is vertical layout. Using these formulas, the text runs in a single column and headings are the width of the fundamental single column grid. The vertical shapes suggest energy C is good for news, but it is the oldest type of layout and has a very small range of news values it can represent. It provides the most stories above the fold. Utilizing colours along the horizontal lines (black and white) or changing the positions of adjacent heads can help combat the problem of visual depression. It can also be overcome using column inch width. The issue of news values might be solved with this.


A page layout that emphasises content more effectively is horizontal. Text is squared up under a multi-column h/L to generate several horizontal units in a study with a completely designed horizontal arrangement.


Using a line at the fold and another one running down the centre of the page, the quadrant layout divides the page into units or sections. There will be an attention-grabbing assignment for each of the four sections. This formula serves to remind the editor that a page is made up of more than just its top.

The word symmetry, which refers to two sides with equal things, served as the inspiration for the name symmetrical. A symmetrical arrangement, as used in newspapers, is one that aims to create a page with equal balance and weight all around the page's optical centre. The optical centre’s sides are mirror images of one another. The h/lines on the other sides are identical to those on the other sides in terms of weight and shape. The text is the same length on both sides. It should be emphasised that the optical centre of a symmetrical page is the mathematical centre of the page as a vertical unit rather than the mathematical centre as a horizontal unit. When there is only one mass or design, such as h/L on a feature page, the layout editor places the optical centre of the mass on the optical centre of the unit to create this type of layout.

Q2. Select any 'Explainer' or 'Backgrounder' news stories that got published a month or two before the submission of your assignments. Create two infographics using any online tools, as prescribed in the MJM022 (page number 235). Submit the printout of your infographics.

Ans) Today, the largest immunisation campaign against COVID-19 began in India. Around 3 crore healthcare and frontline workers will be immunised in the first phase, according to India. The initiative was started by Prime Minister Narendra Modi via videoconference. He congratulated the people and promised that those who needed the vaccine the most would receive it first. A look at the immunisation campaign in India's statistics. While underlining that the virus is spreading in several nations, PM Narendra Modi urged people to remain attentive and take safeguards against COVID-19. Modi asked people to follow measures like wearing masks and washing their hands in his final "Mann ki Baat" broadcast of the year because many people are on vacation or will be around Christmas and New Year's.


In all of its states and union territories, there will be 3,006 locations where COVID-19 vaccines will be given out. Ten million healthcare workers who are at high risk of coming into contact with the COVID-19-causing Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV2) are among the first to receive the vaccine. By Saturday morning, when the first batches of the vaccines had arrived at each of India's 3,006 sites—where about 100 people are expected to receive vaccinations on the first day—there was a tangible sense of excitement. India has authorised two made-in-India products for emergency usage. vaccines for COVID-19 on January 3, 2021.


The COVID-19 vaccination was first administered in India on January 16, 2021. India had provided about 2.19 billion doses of all currently licenced vaccinations as of 2 December 2022, including the first, second, and booster doses. In India, 95% of the eligible population (12+) has had at least one vaccination, and 88% of the eligible population (12+) has had all recommended vaccinations.


The Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine (produced under licence by Serum Institute of India under the brand name Covishield) and Covaxin were initially licenced by India (a vaccine developed locally by Bharat Biotech). Since then, the Sputnik V (produced by Dr. Reddy's Laboratories under licence, with additional production beginning in September from Serum Institute of India), Moderna vaccines, Johnson & Johnson vaccine, ZyCoV-D (a vaccine locally developed by Zydus Cadila), and other vaccine candidates undergoing regional clinical trials have joined them.


Q3. Identify a national/regional issue of the recent past. Read more about the issue and refer the Unit 7 (Editorial Writing) and write a well-balanced editorial for a national audience.

Ans) NABARD initiates measures to augment millet production in Assam:


A number of initiatives have been started by the National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD) to increase millet production in Assam. Dr. C. V. Ratnavathi, Director, Indian Institute of Millet Research (IIMR), Hyderabad, Vincent M. D., CGM, SBI, Guwahati, Rajesh Bora, Zonal Manager, Central Bank of India, and B. C. Bora, Member, Assam Agriculture Commission, all attended the Millets Day event hosted by NABARD in Kalashetra, Punjabari, Guwahati. The event drew about 250 farmers from all over the state.


The chief general manager of NABARD in Assam, Naveen Dhingra, emphasised NABARD's contributions over the past four decades to enabling, energising, and empowering India's agricultural and rural eco-system. The GOI's push for millets to mark the start of the International Year of Millets, 2023, he claimed, has shaped NABARD's attitude on millets. He also stressed the urgent need to raise awareness of the health advantages of millets. Dhingra referred to a sparse discussion on the theme "Value Chain of Millets- Issues and Challenges in Assam" in the "Regional Advisory Group" meeting on farmers' issues, with close coordination of various stakeholders, discussed sector sp. "We at NABARD are in tune with the objectives and key focus of Assam Millets Mission (AMM) of the Government of Assam to address the nutritional needs of the population of the state in general and for women and children.


In support of the Assam Millet Mission of the state government, the National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD) on January 9 launched the Model Millet Project in 23 districts of the state, benefiting 1,150 farmers. The NABARD will give the nodal organisations a total of Rs 3 crore for the execution of the projects to honour the International Year of Millets in 2023. Naveen Dhingra, chief general manager (CGM) of NABARD, stated that the bank "has developed its perspectives on millets keeping in view the Union government's push for millets to commemorate the inauguration of International Year of Millets, 2023."


Assam has a few districts with significant millet production, production, and productivity areas. The implementation of model millet projects by NABARD in 23 districts with 1150 farmers in the state is likely to address a number of issues with millet cultivation, production, and marketing in Assam, particularly due to low awareness of the millet value chain, limited availability of high-quality seed, low levels of mechanisation, low local demand leading to non-remunerative prices for farmers, lack of processing facilities, and post-harvest management.


Q4. Based on your observation in your locality, identify a pitch for a news website. Write a brief about your pitch and do a mind map exercise for the chosen pitch.

Ans) A media pitch is an email that aims to pique the interest of a journalist, editor, or media outlet so that they choose to cover your storey or news. It is sent through email to a journalist or editor of a newspaper, magazine, or blog with the intention of piquing their interest in the topic and soliciting their desire to write about it. You might be questioning why you should pitch the media in the first place. I'd like to put my tale on my website or blog, but I can't. You can publish your article on your own platform, thus the answer is yes. But you need to include the media if you want to reach more people. When was the last time someone shared an article on social media, leading you to read it? Consider how frequently you have read a piece of content because it was in the news.


An effective media pitch makes a journalist sit up and take notice of your content. It also enables them to easily spin a story for their readers. Here’s how an effective media pitch is structured:

  1. You take the lead off. This is your news hook, or the reason your storey merits coverage.

  2. Put your call to action after that. You want your intended journalist to do the following: publish a product review, conduct an interview, and indicate that your business is a featured industry storey. You must be as explicit as you can about your intentions.

  3. Define your value proposition after that. You should explain to the journalist in this section why they should be interested in your storey. By standing out from the thousands of other pitches they get every day, you show the value of your service.

  4. Your email should end with a thank you and a summary of your call to action. Don't forget to include your name and a way for the journalist to get in touch with you if they need more information, such as an email address or phone number.




I’m getting in touch because I came across several article about remote work on blog. So I thought I’d send your way something you may find useful.


I just finished a poll about working remotely. We also discovered that productivity and remote work go along like milk and cookies. Here is the beginning Ninety percent of the experts we polled said that working remotely increased productivity. Although you're not likely startled, many people might be.

The research also dives into trend about training remote workers, how their environment affects them and more. You can see the full report


Would you be interested in using some of our findings in an upcoming article?



Your Name


Mind Map


Q5. Identify a newsmaker from your locality/district and write a profile of that person. Submit the photograph of that person with your assignment.

Ans) Journalist, news anchor, and editor at "World Is One News," Palki Sharma Upadhyay (WION). She is the host of "Gravitas," the only prime-time international news programme in India. She joined to WION following an eleven-year journalism stint with CNN-IBN. On Saturday, May 29, 1982, Palki S. Upadhyay was born in Pilani, Rajasthan, India. She is an Indian native of Delhi. She is also an artist. She started a designer saree company named Reyva since she had always desired to be a fashion designer. Her saree proved that she made the right choice.


With Door Darshan, the largest broadcasting television network in India, Palki Sharma Upadhyay started her career as a news anchor in journalism in 2002. She was a host to regional shows in addition to anchoring, and she also handled shortlisting, writing stories, and formatting for current affairs on the channel. Stay tuned to this post if you're looking for information on Palki Sharma Upadhyay's net worth, husband, wiki, salary, or age.

Palki began her career hosting regional and national channels for Door Darshan, the largest broadcast television network in India. She was given the responsibility of preselecting, structuring, and composing articles on current events at Door darshan. In 2004, she contributed editorials to the Hindustan Times and authored articles about political and social issues.

The next year, she worked as a lead writer and newscaster for CNN News 18, the largest English-language news TV channel in India. In 2016, she prepared as a reporter and presenter, transferred to iTV, and held regular debates and discussions on various policy-related topics.


Palki Sharma Upadhyay also briefly worked for the iTV Network; she was well-known for hosting daily discussions and debates on political and policy-related topics. According to our source, her co-workers at iTV reported that she was consistently on time for work and that she used to motivate and train them. Numerous Indian leaders and celebrities were interviewed by Palki Sharma Upadhyay. We are all aware of Palki Sharma Upadhyay's love of sarees and her obsession with collecting them from other locations. Palki Sharma Upadhyay even established her own saree brand, called Revya.


Palki Sharma Upadhyay received a Master's degree in communication and journalism from ICG, and the Alliance Francaise de Delhi certified her as a C1 French Learner. And individuals are looking for Why is Palki Sharma Upadhyay no longer visible on WION? The answer is that she quit her job as managing editor of an Indian Multinational English News Channel with headquarters in New Delhi, India, on September 2, 2022, after working there for three years. In a media interview with Palki Sharma Upadhyay, she revealed that she had a happy life after marriage since her parents had forbidden her from working as a correspondent at strange hours while she was a child. However, after being married to Sanket Upadhyay, he was given permission to work weekends and anytime breaking news was broadcast to cover.

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